UX Audit activities

Our proven approach to elevate your website/application

Heuristic evaluation

Expert review of your website/application to uncover usability issues based on recognized design principles.

Stakeholder interviews

Conversations with key stakeholders to understand goals, align strategies, and incorporate diverse perspectives for your website/application.

User journey mapping

Visualizing user interactions across the website/application to pinpoint pain points and optimize their experience.

Competitor analysis

Assessing rival products/websites to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for differentiation.

User data analysis

Deep dive into user behavior data to gain insights, spot patterns, and guide data-driven improvements for your website/application.

Performance evaluation

Rigorous testing of your website/application's speed and responsiveness for seamless user experiences.

UX Audit deliverables

Our proven approach to elevate your website/application

Immediate opportunities for improvement

Clear identification of quick-win enhancements that can elevate your website/application's usability right away.

Actionable design insights

Valuable insights extracted from the audit, guiding purposeful design decisions for your website/application.

Visual Mockups/References

Tangible visual representations illustrating potential design enhancements based on the audit findings.

Audit report walkthrough

Detailed explanation of the audit report, highlighting findings, recommendations, and suggested strategies.

Design workshop

Collaborative session where we delve into the audit outcomes and brainstorm design solutions together.

Design strategy

Comprehensive plan outlining strategic design approaches for refining your website/application based on audit results.

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Vast experience in SaaS

Extensive knowledge and hands-on experience to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities of the SaaS landscape.

"Their depth in SaaS helped us break free from feature bloat and reimagine our product for user needs. Our roadmap is now laser-focused, driving engagement and satisfaction.”

Akshay Vyas
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Conversion focused

Drive meaningful actions and boost conversions, aligning design with business objectives.

Honestly, the impact was way bigger than the price tag. Not only did our conversions jump, but our team started thinking more like designers themselves.”

Clément Contamine
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High quality at High speed

Practicing close collaboration between design, development, and stakeholders, enabling swift iterations and continuous improvement

Impressed with the design team’s efficiency. Not a rush job, but constant iteration with our feedback. Collaborative approach led to a clear, well-defined MVP. Early users are happy, so are we!

Stephanie Leue
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Dev-friendly designs

Designs that are easy to develop and maintain, ensuring that your product goes to market quickly and efficiently.

Accessible designs, killer handoffs - development’s a breeze now. Faster features, fewer bugs - thanks for the win!

David Aghaei
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