We are researchers,

designers & builders

We are a global UX design studio focused on helping SaaS companies create user experiences that drive retention and growth. We have nurtured a people-friendly, design-focused culture in our state-of-the-art studio workspace, promoting rapid growth and a high-trust environment.

years since we started to collaborate for providing better UX experiences
researchers, designers, engineers & strategists collaborating to produce user-centric experiences
countries represented by the clients we have collaborated with
products we have contributed our learning to shape, improve and launch in the market

Our culture is the reflection
of the work we do

Action oriented

We're a team that thrives on progress and enjoys tackling challenges head-on. We don't wait for inspiration to strike - we actively seek it out and translate it into tangible results.


We believe that creativity flourishes in a positive environment, and we strive to inject a dose of joy into every project. This enthusiasm translates into fresh ideas and a collaborative spirit.


We believe that curiosity fuels innovation and allows us to create designs that are not only beautiful but also functional and impactful.

Time sensitive

We work efficiently and effectively to deliver high-quality work on time, without sacrificing creativity or attention to detail meeting client expectations.

Our team

"The creative wizards behind the magic - our design team! They bring ideas to life, turning dreams into reality."

Jatin Leuva


Rakesh Chitroda


Varun Mashru

Lead designer

Shoghi Bagul

Lead designer

Yash Gidwani




Rushali Bhatt


Aayushi Patel


Meet Parmar

Motion designer

Aniket Lanke

Business development

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