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The Tcules tribe:
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We prioritize the success of the company as a whole, followed by the success of the team, and then individual growth. This collaborative spirit ensures everyone benefits when we work together.

Embrace diversity

We value a diverse and inclusive team. We respect everyone's differences and believe these unique perspectives contribute to stronger solutions.

Adventurous & Creative

We don't shy away from new ideas and challenges. We encourage humor and a fun work environment where creativity can flourish. Additionally, we value open-mindedness to embrace diverse perspectives.

The Delight equation

We believe delighting our users is the ultimate goal. We achieve this by combining ownership (taking responsibility for our work), quality (delivering exceptional results), and speed (working efficiently to meet deadlines).

Community focus

We believe in giving back to the community we serve. We actively look for ways to make a positive impact, such as volunteering our time or skills, or by coming up with resources and community events that address local needs.

Challenge the Status Quo

We don't accept assumptions at face value. We encourage critical thinking and questioning existing processes to continuously improve.

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Our hiring process

Once you apply for a position the road to getting the job offer is

Resume & portfolio

We learn about your profile as per the requirements, try to learn about your technical expertise from your experience.

Technical interview

We try to learn more about you, your expertise, approach, interests and what drives you. We also try to assess your skillset depending on the role you have applied.

Final Interview

Once you clear the assessment, you will be then invited for the final round.